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If life as an artist were simply flitting about as a butterfly pollinating creativity in all that we touched it would be a simpler life. As we all know, that is not life as we know it; even for an artist.
Therefore, I would like to begin by thanking my wife Maria Abusow-Pas. Although she was not directly connected with this project, she went to work everyday so that I could busy myself in seeing this project to fruition. This was for the most part a labour of love on my part and not for remuneration, so it was she that “paid the piper” that I could become involved. Many people fail to realize that were it not for Maria and her financial support, I could not afford to be involved with such projects or possibly have time to make art as I do. Maria has always been my principle patron and I owe much of my production to her. I love her for more than this but I am extremely grateful to her for her support of this project as it took so much of my time.

I think that my largest debt of gratitude goes to the Dutch Canadian Citizens, their friends and all those who believed in this project and donated the near $150,000 to make this Carillon Memorial at living testament of thanks to the Canadian WW2 veterans. It is exactly because of the many $25 - $250 and the few $7,500 or more gifts that we have left this standing legacy of thanks inside London’s Victoria Park. Thank you for believing in the design and the underlying motives that drove this project to completion. Thank you for your faith in this project and your actions in donating so generously.

I would like to thank the Netherlands Consul Richard (Dirk) Ter Vrugt (recently knighted by the Netherlands) for asking me to look at this project as an independent consultant. There after I was invited by the Veterans Memorial Committee to submit my concepts to which they later accepted as the final design. I would like to thank Piet Teunissen for coming up with the original idea and then letting me run-with-it to the finishing point.
I would also like to thank all the members of the Veterans Memorial Committee for their tireless and humble work in making this whole project into a reality and raising the funds to not only complete but to pay for it in full, which it is.

This project owes it largest chorus of thanks to Jan Maarschalkerweerd, President of Abuma Manufacturing. He was there in the early days with Piet Teunissen, when this project was just a concept and nurtured it into what stands in Victoria Park today. Abuma Manufacturing built almost all of the components or had their hands on every aspect of it. Jan is not only an erudite man of business and engineering but also truly one of the most altruistic men I have ever known. With out him and Abuma I dare say this project would still be on a piece of paper in someone’s pocket. Thank you Jan for all you did, and thank you for having faith in me. This City of London is indebted to such persons as you. I know that the Veterans of Canada appreciate your act and involvement.

I would like to thank the Corporate Contributors for donating their time and materials in building this Memorial, Carillon, and site. Your return to this community has left an endearing comment to your craftsmanship for centuries to come.

I want to thank the City of London, its public servants and elected officials, for not only accepting this gift and once having done so, for standing behind us all the way. The City of London's Planning and Development Department, namely Andrew MacPherson who encouraged and assisted us in presenting this project to the various committees of City Council for that departments generous support along the way. Julie Michaud, Landscape Architect for the City of London, Planning and Development Department with out whose liaison we would have struggled along the way. The City’s Parks and Recreation Department for proving us with some of the essential materials we needed to finish this work as well as its employees in Victoria Park. Glynis Tucker, Department / Corporate Communications for the City of London who helped us plan the dedication ceremony so that it was the success that it became.

As I also designed the landscaping and worked within the committee to find support in our Dutch community, I want to thank Baseline Nursery for going that much further and finding other nurseries who also donated stock to the project and their own wonderful work on the gardens through Peeters Landscaping. Robin Campbell of Stantec Consulting, who though hired by the City, went the extra mile and helped us so much with our concerns in Victoria Park, psychical plant, power locates, landscaping, marking the walkways and grounds, etc. I’d also like to thank my father and mother Martin and Lettie Pas of Martins Landscaping, for endearing me to his lifetime profession and giving me the knowledge to undertake such a garden as is seen surrounding the memorial.

I want to thank those companies and individuals that were commissioned to provide the granite façade, the bells, and concept renderings, for giving us the best product that you could make, as if fitting for such a memorial to the War Veterans.

I also want to emphasize my thanks to Veterans who helped us all along with this project. They verbally proclaimed their support and did such things as attending meetings of City Council when the project was presented. Their presence and support was noticed and appreciated by all, namely Art Stenning, Bob Walsh, and David Diggs. I trust you will be satisfied by all our hard work

So many hands have touched this project and I want to thank each and everyone personally here. What follows is a credits list of all of those and their contributions.

Lastly, I want to thank God and pray that in the end the glory be God’s.

Gerard Pas
London, Canada. 2006

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Canadian Veterans Memorial Committee Members
The Veterans Memorial and Carillon project succeeded due to the generous participation from the following Volunteers

in alphabetical order
Harry Coumans
Fund-raising and publicity
Julie DeVries
Roel DeVries
General Member
Nick Huizenga
General Member
Paul Hogendoorn
Electrical instrumentation and wiring
Hans Moonen
Graphic / Web design
Gerard Pas
Memorial and Landscaping Design
Andy Spriet
Foundations Engineering
Richard Ter Vrugt
Committee Chairperson
Piet Teunissen
Initial concept design, Model of final design
Rinette Teunissen
Dini Twynstra
General Member
Peter Twynstra
Project Site Coordinator
Bert Van der Weyst
Monument Coordinator, overall overseer
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Individual and Corporate Contributors
The following Individuals and Corporations were instrumental in building the Memorial, Carillon, Site and Event

Jan Maarschalkerweerd
Partner in initial design concepts, construction bell tower and other main components.
Buren Concrete Forming Ltd.
London, Canada
Peter Buren
All site concrete work.
Lighting, concrete, garden and on-site works. Event planning.
Classic Marble, Granite and Tile
London, Canada
Reginald Bernardo
Granite work on Liberation Sculpture 'V'.
Paul Hogendoorn
Electrical instrumentation, wiring, computers, and controls.
Baseline Nurseries
London, Canada
Henk and Rickie Peeters
Garden plantings, plant stock and sodding - Peeters Landscaping.
Casting of bells, computer, mechanical parts and programming.
X-K-Vate Construction
Tony & John Van den Burg
Site excavation.
Bob Darnell
Concept renderings.
Cameron Crane and Riggers
London, Canada
Provided crane at site.
Art E. Stenning
Liaison; Veterans and Armed Forces.
Bob Walsh
Liaison; Veterans and Armed Forces.
Dedication Reception
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Media Reviews and Articles
This memorial project has received much attention in all formats of electronic and print media.
For now we are only able to provide some of the print and internet media.
We are making every effort to provide streaming media and will do so as available.

The London Free Press, "Money needed for Veterans Memorial". By Debora Van Brenk. Thursday, May 4, 2006. London, Canada.
The Londoner, "A ringing memorial is planned for Victoria Park". By Ben Benedict. Wednesday, May 24, 2006. London, Canada.
The London Free Press, "Carillon to honour soldiers who liberated Netherlands". By Ryan Cureatz. Friday, July 21, 2006. London, Canada.
The London Free Press, "Let freedom ring - Victoria Park shows Dutch Touch" By Joe Matyas. Saturday, September 23, 2006. London, Canada.
www.victoria-park.com, "Veterans Memorial Carillon Dedication", photos by Ric Wallace. September 22, 2006. London, Canada.
www.godutch.com, "Dutch emigrants honour liberators with 18-bell carillon", Exerpts from The Windmill, Thursday, September 07, 2006. Vancouver, Canada.
Corporation of the City of London, "Dutch Canadians and friends present gift of Veterans Memorial Carillon", Press Release, Friday, September 22, 2006. London Canada.
Corporation of the City of London, "Veterans Memorial Carillon Dedication", Friday, September 22, 2006. London Canada.
A-Chanel News, "Dutch Community Thanks Canadian Vets", Televison News, Friday, September 22, 2006. London Canada.
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